Tampa Tax Preparation for Businesses and Individuals

Tax preparation is absolutely essential for all individuals and businesses. Most people believe that tax preparation is the same regardless of who you choose to prepare your taxes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At J Rosen Financial CPA Services, we strive to make sure every tax-saving strategy that is applicable to you or your business will be used so that you pay the lowest tax possible. Through our Tampa tax planning and preparation service, our experienced accountants go above and beyond to make sure your expectations are exceeded every time.

If You’re an Individual With Tax Questions…

What kind of tax benefits are you eligible for if you got married last year? Did you change jobs? Did you buy or sell a home last year? Are you aware of all child tax credits? Have student loans?

As an individual, you may experience financial or life-changing events from year to year. Marriage, divorce, child care obligations, changing jobs, buying or selling a home, new investment income, and a change in the number of actual dependents are examples of just some of the events that will affect your income tax obligations. Not planning ahead for those tax fluctuations could be detrimental to you. In addition, each year there are a number of changes in tax laws that could be applicable to your particular situation. J Rosen Financial CPA Services will provide you with sound tax consulting and tax return preparation in Tampa, FL to ensure that you:

  • Identify and implement tax-reduction strategies and methods
  • Take all eligible credits and incentives
  • Act on tax planning opportunities to realize savings

If You’re a Small Business With Big Aspirations…

Are itemizing all of your deductions correctly? Are you familiar with new tax laws that started this year? Are you taking advantage of all available tax deductions? What about health insurance?

As a small business, it is difficult to stay current on the ever changing tax laws and how those changes apply to your business. It is also easy to become so involved with the day-to-day operation of your business that you end up scrambling at the last minute, or worse, even miss important reporting or filing deadlines. J Rosen Financial CPA Services will provide your business with Tampa tax planning and preparation services to ensure that you:

  • Take advantage of tax-reduction strategies and methods relevant to your business
  • Receive all eligible credits and incentives
  • Are prepared to implement tax planning opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities
  • Become proactive in meeting all your filing deadlines

If You’re a Larger Business With Complex Needs…

What is the new corporate tax rate? Are you familiar with the new tax laws that will impact your business this year? Can you get a deduction for a pass through entity? Was corporate AMT tax repealed?

J Rosen Financial CPA Services understands the unique financial positions that larger businesses face. Bad debt write-offs, the complexity of assets, depreciation, valuation, and diverse ownership interests are some of the many unique challenges that you may be confronted with and we understand. Our firm has the expertise to represent your interests in tax preparation and we will be sure that your company:

  • Takes advantage of the most current tax incentives and credits
  • Implements aggressive tax planning strategies
  • Is compliant with local, state, and federal tax laws as applicable

If you are an individual or if you are an owner or manager of a small or a larger business, J Rosen Financial CPA Services is ready to represent your best interests for tax preparation and tax planning services in Tampa.

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